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Formulation Process

The Process shouldn't be a black box.

Here's what the process looks like with us.

To get things started, fill out our product brief. This is the best way to define the scope of exactly what you want

1. Product Brief

Fill out a product brief with all the details you'd like in your custom formula.

2. The Proposal

We send out a proposal that will bring your formula to life. The product brief helps outline an ideal scope of work to keep us on track

3. 1st Sample

After the proposal looks good and is signed, we start with creating your first sample.

4. Revisions (Redirects)

You might have some suggestions or points you want to change in your samples. We send a redirect form that points us what to add.

5. Formula Approval

Once you are satisfied with your final sample, we send an approval form for the sample you like.

6. Ingredients & Testing

The INCI names are released that displays all ingredients for the formula. We can provide supplemental testing such as stability, efficacy, and may more.

7. Quoting

We provide you with two different quotes: Formula ownership and cost of manufacturing & filling with our trusted vendors.

8. That's it!

That's what it takes to formulate with us. If you're ready, lets get started today!

Ready To Get Started?

We're here to help. Send us a quick email and we'll get back to you shortly. Can't wait? Reach out now to

Thanks For Inquiring! We'll Talk Soon.

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