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Formulation Process

The formulation process shouldn't be a black box with us. Here at LA Collaboratory the formulation process is easy. You get one liaison between the formulator and you and technical experience with ingredients. Optional but often times asked, we offer formulation IP buy-out prior to start for a discounted price or a formulation buy-out at a later time.

Ready to start? Contact us or sign a product brief below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Product Brief /
Contact us!

Contact us or sign a product brief to to get started.

Formulation Approval & Remaining Payment

Once you are satisfied with your formula, we send an approval form and request the remaining payment.

Proposal &
50% Initial Deposit

After we look at your product brief or notes, we send out a proposal outlining the formulation process and a 50% initial deposit to start.

Formulation IP Buyout (Optional)

If you decide to own your formula and batch somewhere else, we offer an initial buy-out plan in the beginning of the R&D process at a discounted rate.

1st Samples &

We give one initial starting sample and up to three (3) redirects. Here we can change complimentary ingredients or change any performances of the formula.

Manufacturing &

We give you a quote how much it will cost to manufacturer your formula with us. If you need to fill your formula with your packaging, we offer filling services for an additional cost.

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