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Agile Manufacturing and Solutions For the Business Ahead


LA Collaboratory is a small and agile contract manufacturing and custom formulation lab located in Orange County in Southern California. We take pride in putting our clients first. Utilizing new methodologies, innovation, and providing flexible services we lower the barrier to entry for emerging and existing beauty brands to pivot and spearhead trends in an ever changing and dynamic landscape of beauty products.

Our Services

We understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer flexible services that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need one service or all of them, we can help you stay agile in every part of your decision-making process.

For some common asked questions that we get, please see our FAQ page.


Custom Formulations

With in-house expertise of formulations, we can create a wide variety of products. From next level anti-aging prestige ingredients to affordable  performance based formulas we can create a wide variety of formulas.



Body cleansers & Washes

Skin creams


Anti-Aging serums

Roll-On fragrance mixtures

Filling Bottles.jpeg

Filling & Assembly

We can fill an assortment of packaging:

Airless Packaging



Many More


Unit Cartons

Information pamphlets

Many More


Blending & Batching

We blend different liquid products. From surfactants such as shampoos, and body washes, emulsions like face creams, lotions, to potent rich serums, or roll-on fragrances. We have a batching service for you.

Warehouse Shelves

Short Term Warehousing & Shipping

Our warehouse is ambient temperature controlled in Southern California. Our clients with products with repeat orders can take advantage of our warehousing service which minimizes storage concerns and speeds up manufacturing.

Manufactured Products and Sold At

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Sephora Logo
Amazon ecommerce retail Logo

Toll Manufacturing

If you have sourced all the packaging and bulk liquids, We specialize in providing toll manufacturing services to fill and assemble your product at one place. We offer the professional labor necessary to expertly fill, assemble, and package your products, ensuring quality and precision with every batch.



"LA Collaboratory has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their small but agile team of experts provided me with a unique and innovative solution that helped our brands stay ahead on Amazon. I highly recommend their services."

Maria, Operations Manager, Agency

"Other manufacturers had long lead times and wouldn't meet me half way. Often times, they would update you very slow. LA Collaboratory was able to compromise with me and put my products ahead when no one wouldn't."

Roger, Procurement Manager, Brand

"I am so glad I found this company. This company is super flexible and helped me figure out realistic goals that pushed my products out into the market."

Tim, Owner, Brand

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