Our Goal:

To create compelling products that

shape, story tell, and set new trends within the beauty industry and beyond.

Jun Fernandez, a master cosmetic chemist with over 29 years of industry experience, working for the most prestigious brands on the market, The LACollaboratory is a full-service formulator that acts as a launching pad for new and innovative products.

Jun has directed R&D departments for large contract manufacturers, multi-national brands, and led projects for industry-leading brands such as Neutrogena and Melaleuca. The LA Collaboratory is an evolution of JF Consulting, his formulation consultancy of the past 5 years.

The LACollaboratory is an expansion of Jun’s vision: to provide the following:


  1. Exceptional formulas

  2. Peerless service

  3. Unmatched speed-to-market

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM



Color Cosmetics

Hemp & CBD

About Us:

From technology enriched anti-aging skin care to creative CBD products that enable next level antioxidant features, LA Collaboratory has become resource for brands & marketers who demand technologically advanced and highly marketable formulas.

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Orange County, CA