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  • What type of products can you batch?
    We can batch a wide variety of liquid products: - Shampoos - Conditioners - Sprays / mist - Creams - Emulsion blends - Lotions - Cleansers and washes - Oil fragrances such as roll-on colognes - Pain sprays and creams - CBD products / tinctures / ingestible
  • I already have a formula that I own. Can you batch / make this product for me?
    Absolutely. As long as you have any technical data on your formula we can batch your formula for you. We require a service charge to procure ingredients, sample packaging, and formulation labor to create a validation sample. This validation sample will be sent to you to confirm our method of blending and batching. Sometimes when we scale up production, we will require to send an additional validation batch (free of charge after initial payment) during the scale up process before we fill into packaging or send the bulk liquid out.
  • Can I visit your facility?
    As we work as a nimble and agile contract manufacturing facility, visiting our facility is by appointment only. We have special NDA's designated with different brands ranging from celebrity formulas to name brands. Many brands especially brands out of country work with us without visiting our facility. We provide the best customer service that spearheads results and solidifies lasting relationships.
  • Do I have to use all your services to work with you?
    No. We understand each brand or business has unique circumstances. We provide flexible services where you can choose one or all if you decide to work with us. If you are an emerging brand, our conditions are flexible depending on your goals.
  • I am an independent formulator but need a manufacturer to make the products for the brands I have contracts with. Can I use your facility?
    Contact us for additional information. We can provide equipment and skilled labor to help batch your formulas for you.
  • What types of products can you formulate?
    We can formulate a wide array of products but not limited to: - Shampoos - Cleansers & body washes - Skincare creams - Serums - Sprays - Pain cream emulsions - CBD tinctures - Roll-On Colognes
  • I have an ingredient that is proprietary. I want to include in my formulas. Can you make products using my ingredient?
    Absolutely. We can take your ingredient and include them in your formula. We would require a composition of your product or any technical data such as viscosity, solubility, and/or stability reports in that we can make informed decisions when creating formulas with your ingredient.
  • What is the cost to create a custom formula with you?
    We are totally flexible with formula development. If the product is simple and performance based, then it would be cheaper to develop than an emulsion with unstable ingredients. Our formula prices range from $1,600.00 - $5,000.
  • What does the formulation process look like with you?
    Please see our webpage here for our formulation process. Formulation Process
  • Do you provide intellectual property (IP) buy-out or can I create a formula without IP Buy out?
    Absolutely. Intellectual property (IP) buy-out allows you to price shop to other manufacturers or dual source if needed. IP bolsters your brand as this gives you considerable value to your brand. However, we can still create a formula if you are undecided about owning the formula. We also provide after buy-out pricing options if you decide to own the formula in a later time. Note: If you decide not to buy-out the IP, we own the formula. Therefore, we you would need to produce this formulation with us.
  • What is the MOQ for filling & assembly
    Toll Manufacturing: If you are providing and sourcing all the packaging and bulk liquid and need labor to fill and assemble, then our MOQ is 500 units LA Collaboratory / Talara Group owns the formula: We go according to our tank size. Our MOQ tank size starts at 100 kg. That means whatever packaging fits in this tank size would be your MOQ. For example, if you have a product at 50ml fills with a density of 1g/ml, then we can fill 2,000 units (estimated). We can however negotiate MOQ if we own the formula. Depending on your brand goals.
  • What is Toll Manufacturing?
    Toll manufacturing refers to a service arrangement where a brand provides all the necessary raw materials, formulas, packaging components, and even labels to a contract manufacturer, who then processes these inputs into finished products. Essentially, the manufacturer's role is to use their equipment, expertise, and labor to produce the final products based on the client's specifications and requirements. Why its advantageous Brands who have already invested in research and development, ingredient sourcing, and branding but lack the production facilities or prefer not to manage the manufacturing process directly. It allows brands to maintain control over the formulation and appearance of their products while leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of an experienced partner to handle production logistics, scaling, and sometimes even product testing. In essence, toll manufacturing is a collaborative approach where the client retains ownership of the product and its intellectual property, while the manufacturer ensures quality production, compliance with regulatory standards, and timely delivery of finished goods.
  • What types of packaging can you fill and what fill sizes?
    We can fill sizes from 5ml - 1L We an fill a wide variety of packaging: - Jars - Bottles - Plastic Tubes - Airless packaging - Vials - Spray Bottles
  • Can you assemble unit cartons and information pamphlets?
    Yes. We can assemble unit cartons and place finished products. We can also insert information pamphlets as needed or other materials with the product.
  • I have a brand that sells on Amazon. Can you apply Amazon FBA codes or prep our products to sell by Amazon FBA or our fulfillment center?
    Yes. We have a ton of experience with brands selling on Amazon along with their requirement to sell on their e-commerce website. We can apply Amazon FBA labels on each product, and pack out products to ship to Amazon FBA or your fulfillment center.
  • What can I store with you?
    Any products with repeat orders can be stored at our facility.
  • Is your warehouse temperature controlled?
    No. Our warehouse is ambient temperature controlled. However, we are based in Southern California and our facility temperature ranges from 60F - 75F consistently.
  • What is the cost to store with you?
    We charge $45 per month for each pallet stored at our facility.
  • I don't have a shipping company to ship my products. Do you provide shipping services?
    Yes. We can use our trusted shipping partners to ship pallets to your designated address. If you are shipping small boxes, we use UPS.
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