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Are Alcohol Ingredients Really That Bad?

Not to be confused with a good bottle of wine or a cocktail, but are alcohol ingredients really that bad in skincare products? We'll give you the rundown about this alcohol in skincare.

Alcohols In General Do Dry The Skin. However...

Alcohols known in skincare such as denatured alcohol are known to dry out the skin in high dosages and can strip the skin's natural oils that help keep the skin moisturized and well protected. However, it's only in high dosages and concentrated forms that they do cause irritation to the skin.

Having alcohol in your skincare product can actually be better at delivering key ingredients into your skin.

SD-40 B Alcohol

This alcohol is somewhat safe to use and is widely used in skincare formulas. Why is it used? SD-40 B shrinks the volume of the formula / solution. Since pore sizes on our skin are only so big, that just means certain ingredients aren't that big enough to fit when they're all bunched up. Having the proper amount of alcohol in lets say your vitamin C with B5 complex can really deliver and penetrate those essential ingredients into your skin. So if you’re choosing between a serum with B5 and glycerin and one with vitamin C, glycerin, and alcohol, I would recommend the alcohol one.

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