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How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

In the midst of what the CDC names a pandemic, COVID-19 known as the Coronavirus is placing a shortage on hand sanitizers.

Luckily for us, we have a simple formula and super effective hand sanitizer that you can make right in your own home!

Equipment You'll Need:

- A digital weighing scale that shows grams

- 2 bowls for ingredients

- A whisk, fork, or hand held mixer

- A calculator

Ingredients, Ratios, and Phases:


29.00% Water (DI preferred)

2.00% Glycerin (Humectant) Buy here

2.00% Aloe Vera Juice (moisturizer) Buy here

1.20% Polyacrylate Crosspolymer (thickener / gel maker) Buy here


65.00% Ethanol (disinfectant 99% isopropyl or ethanol alcohol strength)

0.80% Fragrance (essential oil of your choice)

Before you start, figure out how much hand sanitizer you want to make. For starts, 35 grams somewhat equals to about 1fl oz of hand sanitizer.

Take the percentages listed for each ingredient and divide by 100 to get it into numeric decimals respectively. Once you do that, multiply it by the batch size you want to make in grams. That will give you how much in grams you'll need for each ingredient.


Batch size is 50g. Water is at 29.00%.

29.00% / 100 = 0.29 x 50g = 14.5g of water to be added.


1. PHASE A: In one bowl, tare and weigh polyacrylate crosspolymer first. Add the rest of phase A ingredients and mix well till gel and all solids solubilize.

2. PHASE B: In the second bowl, tare and weigh ethanol and weigh any essential oil of your choice into the bowl. Mix slightly.

3. While mixing, add half PHASE B into PHASE A bowl. Continue mixing till fully incorporated. Add remaining phase B ingredients and mix until all liquid is incorporated.

Product finished!

LA Collaboratory has created national and internationally known formulas across the beauty industry. Let us help you create your next marketable formula.

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