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Natural Beauty Products. Are They Actually Safer?

Whether we are out and about shopping, reading a magazine, browsing online, or talking to even our friends. We hear the term all "natural" or "natural ingredients" are in this product. According to Dr. Linda Katz in a New York Times article,

"Consumers should not necessarily assume that an ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ ingredient or product would possess greater inherent safety than another chemically identical version of the same ingredient. In fact, ‘natural’ ingredients may be harder to preserve against… contamination and growth than synthetic versions.”

In recent years, we've seen preservations do an overhaul since parabens were once the standard in preserving products. However, since synthetics are have been marketed as harmful, there has been a tremendous scramble to find all natural or plant based preservative systems. In reality, even having an all natural preservation system doesn't quite keep your products that safe (for too long).

Those With Allergies Can Be At Risk

Having all natural ingredients would mean to not refine or strip the raw material from allergens. Some formulas are made with crude fruit extracts and essential oils. These without much refinement could cause allergies.

Are Natural Formulas Really That Safe?

While natural formulas can definitely work with some people. It may not help for everybody. Sure, natural formulas can be somewhat safe but that is not to say synthetic ingredients aren't safe either. There are some strict regulations when it comes to synthetic by the FDA. Therefore, synthetic or refined ingredients should be considered when formulating with.

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